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Nd-YAG-Laser Engraving

Laser Inscription describes the process of engraving miscellaneous materials and surfaces by an Nd-YAG-Laser. The body-geometry of the parts is flexible - flat as well as coated surfaces can be engraved with the same precision.

For being economically efficient, laser technology is a good choice for long-lasting, durable and indestructible bar code labels or for continuous numbering of items. High precision, short delivery times and quantities as low as 1 piece mark laser inscription as an attractive process.

  • Nd-YAG-Lasergravur
  • Nd-YAG-Lasergravur
  • Nd-YAG Lasergravur
  • Nd-YAG-Lasergravur - Schema - englisch
  • Nd-YAG Laserbeschriftung
  • Nd-YAG Laserbeschriftung
  • Nd-YAG Laserbeschriftung
  • Nd-YAG Laserbeschriftung


Technology lasers are mostly categorized and named according to the applied optically active material.

The Nd-YAG-Laser belongs to the category of solid body lasers which includes optically stimulated lasers which consist of a strengthening medium of crystalline or vitreous solid bodies. The wave length is 1064 nm.

Highly-precise labelling by Nd:YAG laser technology works without power or additives between laser-beam and the surface of the component. During the inscription process, the beam is guided by a computerized optical system to the surface of the material. Depending on material and laser preferences, the inscription appears as tempering color, color change, engraving or surface ablation. This highly efficient technology excludes aftertreatment or preparation. Since no other additives are applied, laser inscription is a very environmentally friendly technology.


Laser inscription is applied in the optical industry, fine mechanics, medical technology, as well as in toolmaking, automotive, and electronics industries.


Optical parts, tools, stainless front panels, laser sheet labels, backs of watches, implants, scales made from stainless steel, plastics, coated metals, anodized aluminum, acrylate sheets, steel etc.