Oberflächen mit System

    Integrated Management

    Company Principles

    We work together with our customers.
    We guarantee high quality.
    We are reliable.
    We manufacture even 1 piece.
    On request, we supply within a few working days.

    With our company's strategy we focus on the customer with his special problems and needs.

    Quality management

    Our bundled competence in the field of Industrial Surface Finishing guarantees the best quality. The center of our acting is integrated, applied quality and its consistant improvement.

    With our quality management we apply the standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, 14001: 2015 und CSA Compliance and we guarantee our customers the conformity with international and national standards and regulations.

    Environmental management

    The operational protection of the environment is an essential part of our company's culture. We are convinced that if we care for environment protection we contribute to the continuity and success of our company. We commit ourselves to follow all environmentally legal laws and guidelines. We manufacture eco-friendly products that do not cause environmental problems at their utilization or disposal. We regularly keep our employees informed about environmental issues and promote ecology-minded acting and individual responsibility by corresponding training courses.

    Secure processes

    Our value-added processes are efficient, fast and cost-effective. The integration of necessary examinations guarantees a constantly high product and service quality.

    Supplier qualification

    We keep partnership relations with our suppliers. The high quality of delivery forms the foundation for, and a permanently high quality of our products and service.

    Employee satisfaction and teamwork

    With regular training courses, we promote the qualified and responsible work of our employees. We merge them into the improvement of our company processes. Thanks to our consequent teamwork we achieve a highly efficient dialogue.

    Innovative products and service

    It is our goal to assure and constantly extend our market position in the field of industrial surface finishing.