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    Company Development

    When the outsourcing of the Signing Department out of Carl Zeiss Jena was discussed I, Matthias Wetzel, realized the chance and founded the "Matthias Wetzel Industriebeschriftungen GmbH" as a "Management Buy Out" in 1999. Like that I could complete my vision of a high performance signing center.

    What started with 4 employees, became an almost 40-man-crew in between.To have qualified specialists available, we started to train in 2004.

    By signing and varnishing high-quality industrial products of the branches toolbuilding, optical precision toolbuilding, plant and machine engineering as well as electronic and fine tools industries our company became an approved center for surface finishing.

    Therefore, we are able to offer the following range of competence:

    • laser inscription by Nd-YAG and CO2
    • label production on PE an acrylate sheet
    • Mechanical Engraving and Segmentation
    • Screen Printing (manually or by machines)
    • Tampon Printing
    • Finishing and Polishing
    • Powder Coating
    • Spray-paint or manual Varnishing
    • Assembly of components
    • Complete Manufacturing
    • Fixture construction

    The application range is large: optical components, tools, panelling parts, front panels, labels, backs of watches, implants, scales, mechanical individual parts, injection molded parts and complete assemblies. In the field of laser inscripted labels, we are a CSA certified sign supplier for the North American market.