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Spray Varnishing

When processing spray varnishing, high quality industrial varnishs are sprayed by compressed air (2 up to 6 bar) at the exit through the injector. This technique is applied for small and area-measured parts. A disadvantage of this method is the relatively large loss of varnish overspray.

This most used technique of workpiece coating offers, besides a good corrosion protection, high aestetics.

To guarantee a consisting high quality during the series varnishing, we attach utmost importance to optimum varnishing periphery conditions.

Besides conventional structure, effect and top coats, we also process conductive lacquers with a very high percentage of conductible filling material (up to 80 % and more). By this, the electrical conductivity is produced in the lacquer matrix. The single pigments contact each other and permit therefore the current flow.

Manual Varnishing

  • Handlackieren Matthias Wetzel INDUSTRIEBESCHRIFTUNGEN GmbH

Manual varnishing is applied partially on areas that are not accessible by normal spray varnishing. Our specialists act with extraordinary diligence. Moreover, by this method, varnish damaged devices are delicately retouched. Therefore, costly disassembly is avoided.