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Engraving & Segmentation

Mechanical Engraving

  • Mechanisches Gravieren

By using an engraving engine and a stylus, individual engravings are incised into all kinds of workpieces. Therefore, modern CNC technology is applied.

The datafiles are created by a CAD-Program and move the machine axis and the engraving tools like a a printer driver.

Mechanical Segmentation

  • Mechanisches Teilen

  • Mechanisches Teilen

Mechanical segmentation applies special machines to provide workpieces with scales. We distinguish between circular or lengthwise segmentation. As a modern equipped company we offer customized solutions for any pupose: individual signboards for an challenging appearance, machine signage as a sign of special quality or the like. Of course, we also work with your computer design.

front panels, scales, stamps


  • Auslegen

To mark diverse engravings or segmentations clearly, they are displayed by different color. Moreover, this technique provides corrosion protection since the surfaces at the respective areas become damaged during the engraving process.